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Festival Fun in Helston!

Our local town of Helston held its annual Flora Day celebration on the weekend………with the help of our Kathryn in reception (dressed as a hedge!)

Flora Day in Helston is considered to be one of the oldest customs still preserved in the British Isles.  The locals dress up in their finery and dance through the town in what is called the Furry Dance.

It is essentially a Spring Festival, the first after winter, when Nature’s seeming barrenness gives place to fertility and life. The dance is an expression of the joy at the triumph of life (spring) over death (winter).

Hal-an-Tow is another feature of the day is distinct from the Furry dance.  Many say that Hal-an-Tow is the oldest part of the day’s proceedings. The participants of the dance run around Helston blowing whistles and horns, chasing away all the darkness of winter and welcoming in the summer.

There is St. George and the dragon, and St Michael of Helston victorious over the Fiend, Robin Hood and his merry men, Spaniards, St Piran, ladies of the sea, dancing girls and ladies dressed in greenery as hedges!!  Great fun with plenty of refreshment on hand to boot!

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